Why More & More People Are Ditching Dairy

It seems more and more people are ditching dairy these days in favour of plant based alternatives. But did you know that apart from the obvious dairy alternatives to milk like almond, soy and coconut milk, there are now some seriously tasty butter-like plant based alternatives to margarine & butter?

And what’s helping to fuel this trend toward dairy free butter alternatives may be the simple fact that they are so versatile to cook, spread and bake with. Plus, unlike options such as nut oils which taste like err… nuts, plant based products like Nuttelex Buttery (which yes, despite the name is nut-free) taste … “buttery”.

If you are thinking about going completely plant based with your diet, experts recommend it is always something to be discussed with your doctor first. But, for those of us aiming to simply bring a bit more balance into our diets, or those suffering dairy intolerances, or seeking products that contain cholesterol free oils, a plant based alternative to butter like Nuttelex Buttery can be a great healthy alternative.

Best of all you can still bake and create all your favourites by simply swapping the same amount of the plant based alternative for the butter you would usually use. For some great recipe inspo using a plant based butter alternative, visit here