Veggie Pasties with Homemade Chutney

September 18, 2020

Everyone loves a good home-made pastie as there's  something truly comforting about steaming veggies encased in golden pastry. Serve these for supper, snacks  or a cold lunch box treat. This vegetarian & vegan friendly recipe will be enjoyed by all especially when matched with the tomato chutney. Thanks to our fave baker @laura-hobby-baker for this creation.


The Filling

1 tbsp Nuttelex plant based butter

1 medium onion finely chopped

2 medium potatoes diced small

1 carrot diced small

1 parsnip diced small

100 g small cubed pumpkin

1 tsp vegetable stock powder with 3/4 cup water

1/2 tsp teaspoon white pepper

1/3 cup frozen peas

handful of chopped fresh parsley

3 sheets frozen puff pastry

1 egg with a splash of water beat for brushing the tops of pasties

Tomato chutney

1 tbsp Nuttelex plant based butter

1 small onion finely diced

2 grated garlic cloves

2 large chopped tomatoes

1/4 cup red wine

1/2 tsp Powdered vegetable stock with 1/4 cup water

2 tbsp tomato paste

a few basil leaves torn or 1/2 teaspoon dry basil

1/2 tsp dry oregano


1Turn on your stove top on medium heat grab a medium sized frying pan put a heaped tablespoon of Nuttelex plant based butter with the onion & saute for a few minutes until tender then add potatoes , carrot, parsnip, pumpkin & mixing them while their lightly frying add the pepper, stock powder with the water let simmer on low for 10 minutes until the vegies are tender. Let mixture cool completely. Add the chopped parsley and peas give it a light mix to incorporate.

2Take your puff pastry sheets and using a bowl or plate that measures approx. 12 centimetres press down and cut-out circles.

3To each circle add 1 heaped tablespoon of the cooled vegetable mixture mixture.

4Next, bring circle sides together into a half moon shape, light pressing out the air, and crimp it together to seal alternatively a fork can be used to make the crimp to seal the pastie.

5Place sealed pasties on a lined tray with baking paper and brush tops of pasties with egg wash

6Bake for 20-25 minutes until medium golden & flaky.

Making a chutney

1In a small saucepan place the diced onions & garlic with the Nuttelex plant based butter on a medium heat let soften

2Add tomato paste and saute, next add the wine let the alcohol cook of for a couple of minutes then add the tomatoes, stock powder, water, basil, oregano, and pepper.

3Reduce heat & simmer for 15 minutes. When cooked let cool completely and serve as is or puree for smoother texture.