Buttery BBQ Bananas with Rum

September 11, 2019

Perfect for those late night, match-watching BBQ's, and another super easy  #WorldCupCrowdPleaserRecipe. Don't forget to tell us your fave recipe to be in the running for a $500 voucher from the official ALL BLACKS online store. See here for details https://nuttelex.com/nz/world-cup-crowd-pleaser-recipes-competition/


50 g Nuttelex plant based butter

40 g light brown muscovado sugar

1 - 2 tsp treacle

1 - 2 tbsp spiced rum

6 unpeeled bananas

your fave ice cream to serve

foil to wrap bananas in


1Mix the nuttelex, sugar and rum together in a bowl.

2Take one banana at a time, gently cut a split through the inside curve - but be careful not to cut all the way through, and spread a spoonful of the spiced nuttelex mixture inside each skin

3Wrap each banana in foil, curved side up - so the mixture doesn't leak when it melts - crimping edges of the foil to make a parcel.

4Place into the embers of your BBQ for 15 minutes, turning once. The bananas should be sticky and caramelised; check one and cook for longer if necessary.

5Serve with a scoop of your preferred ice cream.