Apple Tart

A terrific treat you will make over and over again that is totally dairy and egg free.

Veggie Pasties with Homemade Chutney

Everyone loves a good home-made pastie as there's  something truly comforting about steaming veggies encased in golden pastry. Serve these for supper, snacks  or a cold lunch box treat. This vegetarian & vegan friendly recipe will be enjoyed by all especially when matched with the tomato chutney. Thanks to our fave baker @laura-hobby-baker for this creation.

Coffee & Salted Caramel Mexican Bun

Known as Mexican Coffee Buns, Roti Boy Buns or Papparoti Buns this version is made with plant based Nuttelex butter. It's a super soft bun filled  sweet salty caramel and topped with a deliciously buttery, coffee crust topping. Now who could possibly resist that? This recipe is also vegetarian. It makes 8 big buns.

Top Tips:

It’s best not to over knead the dough. How do you know if your dough is ready? Do a windowpane test by pull off a golf - sized piece of dough. Flatten it lightly, hold it between both your thumbs & the first two fingers and gently spread the dough apart into a thin sheet; if the gluten is well-developed, the dough will stretch into a thin sheet (like a window) without breaking.


The Tastiest Homemade Curry Puffs

Curry Puff are always a family fave and this recipe works equally well with and without the mince (for a vegetarian version). If pressed for time you can use ready made frozen puff pastry- but the home made version described below is sensational.

Top Tips:

Cold tools & ingredients

If your kitchen is on the warm side try to make sure all ingredients and tools (rolling pin, fork, pastry cutter etc) are cold.  This is so the plant based Nuttelex doesn’t melt into the dough.
Why? Because  this will ensure a lovely ‘flakiness’ feel to the pastry.

Cold dough

A warm surface or weather will not be your friend. Try to work fast and in between steps. Refrigerate dough if  it becomes too soft to handle. When you can feel the plant based butter melting in your hands that’s too warm. They will firm up again after being chilled. For example, after pinching the edges shut, if the dough  is getting too soft simply pop the puffs in the freezer to chill till and they will firm up again before you crimp/flute the edges. If it is a hot day, best to work in batches while the rest sits in the refrigerator or freezer.


Peanut Pancake | Apam Balik

A street food fave in Malaysia and Singapore, the apam balik is a sweet peanut pancake filled with sugary, buttery peanut filling that is  utterly delicious! They can be thick, crispy or anything in-between- and we think this version is just perfect. Like all great pancake batters, make at least 3 hours before cooking, or you can let the batter set overnight in fridge.

Pineapple Cookies

Melt-in-your-mouth buttery, crumbly pastry with pineapple filling – delish!

Makes approx. 40 Cookies

You can keep the pineapple filling in the fridge.
Alternative fillings using this buttery pastry include Red Bean or for something savoury chicken pie filling


Matcha & Red Bean Papparoti Bun

This recipe is slightly different to our  Coffee and Salted Caramel but just as tasty.


Coconut Jam & Palm Sugar Pudding

Here's a fantastic Asian twist on an English classic- Bread and Butter Pudding  using with Pandan Kaya (Coconut Jam) and Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar).


Chocolate Snowskin Mooncakes

Spoil your friends this mid Autumn fest with these beautiful homemade choc snowskin mooncakes filled with a beautifully creamy orange custard. #MakeMineWithNuttelex

Spiced Green Fish (Ikan Bakar)

This tasty twist on a Malay classic translates as 'burnt fish" but despite its namesake is a fabulously satisfying, spicy, crispy, tender  fish dish you will enjoy again and again.


Top Tips:
Flipping the fish: This can be a tricky business because the coating needs to stick on the fish along with the searing on it. If you ruin it (don't stress) just pat it back onto the fish it will still taste superb.

Instead of searing the fish: Wrap the fish in banana leaves and grill for 10-15 minutes (flip once midway) Or bake fish in the oven at 400 F for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through.